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I am proud and excited to share with you my new apparel line. I have had an online boutique for some time now but unfortunately, have not been able to talk about it out of fear from the left. Not all but most will go out of their way to discredit your business, your family, your reputation and I have already been a victim of this once.  Clothing is a passion of mine and I have been working to bring this line to my MAGA Family. Ever since Donald Trump announced his campaign to run for President I, along with so many others took to the streets and our keyboards to push Trumps agenda of Making America Great Again (MAGA). This became a full-time job for some. We became social political activists and gained notoriety as social media personalities. We were silent no more

Dedicated Americans with one common goal in mind to Make America Great Again. Working or striving to make our country what it once was and even better. A #MAGApreneur is someone who takes the initiative and believes that one person can make a difference. Just like an entrepreneur must organize and operate their business (s) , taking on greater than normal risks, a #MAGApreneur will take on risks as well to enforce the Constitution of the United States of America.

Join me today and purchase you #MAGApreneur shirt and say with pride that you have taken the next step to make America your business.