Why I’m not offended by President Trumps comments

Trump stands for the things I stand for.

I’m a college-educated, white, Mompreneur, American female and I’m proud of my vote for Donald J Trump. When I heard the groping headlines, the “sexist remarks” these comments were nothing more than locker room talk. The same locker room talk women have. To come out and say we are shocked by this comment or other comments is hypocritical. We have all said something sexual to a degree that was inappropriate at one time or another. So, he said he likes to grab a woman by the pussy…and they let him. Some women liked to be grabbed. I think we have established that by the success of 50 Shades of Grey. If we are truly shocked by this then who spent $571 Million dollars on this movie?

61% of white women without college degrees supported Trump, While 45% with college degrees supported Trump. He is our voice. To say that we have low self-esteem or are lacking in something is ignorance. I believe I am a Feminist just as much as you are. We believe in political, economic, and social equality of the sexes so much that it would be hypocritical of me to judge Trump on his locker room talk when I, myself have said things of sexual nature.

Trump stands for the things I stand for. He puts America First. He believes in the Constitution. He believes in Legal Immigration. He believes in Economic success for America. Like it or not he is in fact a billionaire and you can’t get there if you haven’t been successful. I don’t care how many bankruptcies he has had. And guess what I have had one too…. ALOT of Americans have had one or two bankruptcies. It doesn’t make us terrible people. What it says is that we took risks, and that’s what entrepreneurs do. We take risks, financial risks with the most to lose and sometimes we lose. But America is built on entrepreneurs. With no risk there is no reward. And he has been rewarded by his strong ethics and his business mindset. I believe that America needs to be ran like a business and the Constitution is our policy and procedures handbook!

Did you know that Trump had the first women to run a successful Presidential campaign? Kellyanne Conway. She broke the glass ceiling. Yet nobody praises her, and they don’t praise Trump for hiring her. Trump has always surrounded himself with hardworking, successful, independent, women yet nobody gives him credit for that. Did you know his wife speaks 7 languages, college educated AND runs a successful company herself? Trump has a lot of respect for women.

Trump is not a man who was in the political spotlight his whole life. Another reason he won. The silent majority has spoken, and they are tired of these corrupt politicians.  The Democrats are very good at vetting and preparing their candidates. They are good at covering up their skeletons and showing their candidates in the best possible light. Trump was a billionaire playboy, surrounding by women, beautiful women and it would be naïve of any of us to think that women didn’t through themselves at him. If you have ever been to a playboy mansion or a Hollywood party, it is not out of the normal to just start kissing women or men. I used to frequent this very VERY famous man’s house. A wealthy, powerful man in Hollywood who everyone knows. When you came to his house he greeted you with a kiss. Not a hello how are you, not a nice to see you or pleasure to meet you NO a KISS, and he would try to shove his tongue down your throat. Some people might be considering this sexual assault. I didn’t think it was sexual assault then and I still don’t think it was today. I simply pushed him away and laughed. In all honesty he did this to everyone, this was his culture, this was the way he greeted people. I began to learn that this is just who he was, and I accepted him for him. Now I could have chosen to never go to his house again, that is a choice that I have. We all have choices and we must learn that we are more than capable of making choices for ourselves instead of having someone or some law make those choices for us.

When Donald Trump said he just starts kissing women, he can’t help himself, to me it’s not sexual assault because a woman can say stop him and say no. But I have witnessed this action with my own eyes and when you are that powerful, that rich, that famous they do just let you do it. It’s the repeated action after a woman says no that becomes sexual assault in my opinion. Pretty soon men aren’t going to be asking women out on dates because they afraid it’s going to be considered sexual harassment.

Hillary Clinton tweeted last year that every victim must be heard. We have heard the accusers that have come out against Trump and we just don’t believe all of them. But what about Juanita Broaddrick, she claimed that she was violently raped by Bill Clinton. Paula Jones said Bill Clinton pulled down his pants and asked him to kiss his erect penis. Kathleen Willey said that she too was sexually assaulted by President Bill Clinton. These women had credible evidence than any accuser that has come out against Donald Trump. They had pictures, recorded conversations, DNA. These women were slut-shamed, victim-blamed, and age-shamed. Back then these accusations were called “passes” meaning Bill Clinton was making a pass at these women but he was turned down. I’m not sure how we call Juanita Broaddrick story a “PASS” but this is how the media back then tried to spin it.

Juanita reminds us that actions speak louder than words and we may not like some of the locker room talk spoken by Trump, but Bill Clinton violently raped her, and Hillary Clinton threatened her. I don’t think there is any comparison.

Trump has apologized for his words/actions he said, and I quote “I never said I’m a perfect person, nor pretended to be someone who I’m not. I’ve said and done things I regret, and the words released today on this more than a decade old video are one of them. Anyone who knows me knows these words don’t reflect who I am. I said it. I was wrong, and I apologize.” He goes on to tell us about how he travels America and how he has met with the women and the children of America. He has heard our heartfelt stories and understands are pain and struggle. He understands how we just want a better future for ourselves and for our children. He pledged to be a better man today, tomorrow, and will never let us down. I have forgiven him, and I stand by our President of the United States of America. I hope you can to forgive him and move on because we are stronger together.

Trailblazing Patriot & Mompreneur on The Hagmann Report

My goal is to lead with love

Several friends have messaged me asking if I was ok because I haven’t been on Facebook in a while. I’m doing ok. In fact I’m doing great!! As you know I’m passionate about politics! I’ve found my calling and I’ve dived in head first. I’m growing my online presence and my voice is being heard. My influential reach went from hundreds to millions.

For those of you who don’t know I have a live show three times a week called #fireback on Twitter. You can follow me @Shastina_Eloff I bring my listeners the facts along with my opinion and we have a great open discussion on hot topics. I go live Monday, Wednesday, & Friday in the 6 O’clock hour (PM PST). It’s a lot of fun speaking with my MAGA family but also with people who have different political and religious views.

I’m taking my platform to the next step. I see a lot of complaining and not a lot of action. I am putting together a team of people for the next MAGA movement. Now with President Donald J. Trump in the office, the work has just begun. We need to let our voices be heard! Let Donald J. Trump know that he is not alone and that we still support his agenda no matter what the mainstream media says. Send me your email address if you want to get involved. We launch January 4th, 2018 so get with us behind the scenes to Make America Great Again.

The other night I was invited to speak live on The Hagmann Report, what an honor. I was speaking in over 8 countries, in front of hundreds of thousands of people. Our voice was heard! Click here to watch the show—>

My goal is to lead with love and show others that it can be done. We can have different opinions and still coexist. It isn’t easy but over the past month I have already made progress. I’m only one person but together we can Make America Great Again.

Why I voted for Donald Trump

?President Trump is not perfect, in fact when he makes a mistake it’s okay because he is not God.

I wasn’t always into politics. I never thought my voice would be heard, especially in California. It’s not that I was afraid to speak up or that I shied away from confrontation it’s just that California is an overwhelmingly blue state. I’m surrounded by the 1% and most of them are liberals. Working in the entertainment industry you were either a liberal or you didn’t work so I never discussed politics. I barely discussed religion. It’s not because I was embarrassed of my political or religious beliefs but it’s because I wanted to continue working. I remember being on set and having to read my Bible off in the distance so no one could see what I was reading.
As the mainstream media continues to cover the sexual assault in Hollywood I can verify from personal experience that it is extremely common, accepted, and overlooked. Having been a victim in the industry myself I left after several years of hard work and dedication to my art. I started to pull my head out of my Hollywood bubble and see the world around me. I started to have a vast thirst for knowledge. I wanted to educate myself of matters such as how we can make this world a better place. I wanted to learn what my purpose for life was.
When I saw Donald Trump walk down the escalator of Trump Towers to announce he was running for President I knew in that moment what my life’s purpose was. It was almost like God was speaking to me at that very moment. I started campaigning and would campaign for him unofficially like so many others for the next 15 months. Facebook was the major platform for my campaigning where I would debate and try to prove my point. I would try and get people to listen but most didn’t think he had a chance to win. However, I knew like so many others of my #MAGA family that Donald Trump was going to be the 45th President of the United States. I lost friends and family members and I don’t regret that because my vote for Donald Trump was a selfless vote for the United States of America.
President Trump is not perfect, in fact when he makes a mistake it’s okay because he is not God. I don’t portray him to be God. But I portray him to be a human. A human with a heart that so many of you don’t see or don’t want to see. I followed Trump’s career for many years as did many of you. Rappers rapped about him, Democrats hung out with him and accepted his donations and he was a friend to many minorities. He was never called a racist and he never once behaved or did anything in a racist manner prior to running for president.
Donald Trump aligns with my Christian values and my political beliefs. I am pro-life however, I understand that it is a woman’s body and she can do what she wants with her body. I don’t understand why democrats shame republicans for their beliefs. Planned Parenthood receives enough donations to pay for amazing services and requested abortions. I don’t believe they should take the extra 4% from taxpayers to cover services such as abortions. I don’t want to defund planned parenthood but I don’t think my money should pay for services that are against my beliefs. That is why I voted for Donald Trump.
I want the United States of America to continue to have freedom of religion. I don’t need the Government to pray like I pray. I don’t need the government to lecture other Americans on my Christian faith but what I do need is my freedom to be a Christian. This freedom is freedom that is being lost in other parts of the world. This is not a freedom I will let slip away from America. That is why I voted for Donald Trump
Donald Trump is going to build the wall. I welcome immigration but for the same reason I lock my doors at night is the same reason I want a wall.. We need a better vetting process for who is immigrating into our country. There is nothing wrong with enforcing the immigration laws we have in place and protecting the safety of everyone. If you are for open borders then why don’t you take an immigrant family to live with you, no questions asked. Or how about a refugee, no questions asked? Would you do that? Because you can, you can sponsor a family/refugee and they can move in with you. You will fill out some forms, pay some fees, move them here and you will be financially and legally responsible for them for 10 years. You don’t need a law or open borders to do this. If this is something you want to do please do so. I encourage you! But just because this is something you want to do, don’t force me to let a stranger into my home. I’m not comfortable with that. The same way I wouldn’t be comfortable going into a hotel room with Harvey Weinstein. That is why I voted for Donald Trump.
We segregated in the 1960’s there is not one law today that promotes racial division or segregation of any kind so please stop saying that America is racist, that I’m racist, or that my children are racist….they are toddlers. Being called a white supremacist was something you rarely heard. Now, I’m being called one several times a day. I have never done anything racist in my life but you are judging me for my vote. You are judging me by the color of my skin. Doesn’t that make you racist? Republicans want to fix places like Detroit. Trump campaigned on it! I support fixing our inner cities. That is why I voted for Donald Trump.
I owned a corporation for over 15 years and I can tell you every year doing taxes, personal and business, was a nightmare. I applied for an extension every year. If you want to read about his tax reform I recommend informing yourself before bashing a program you know nothing about. I’m excited to simplify the tax code and make the government smaller. I know a lot of people are complaining about the corporate tax being lowered, this is a good thing for some many reasons but for the smaller corporations this is huge. If you have never owned a business then you won’t understand all the taxes that are paid. The licenses, the paperwork, the payroll, and the costs are massive and more times than not you can’t stay in business because you can’t afford to stay in business.  Entrepreneurship is the heart of America. And I voted to keep it alive. That is why I voted for Donald Trump.
I believe in opening the state lines for healthcare. This will drive the costs down of insurance premiums. I want healthcare reform. I believe it is unconstitutional to make Americans pay for insurance or fine us if we don’t. Premiums are going up 200%, deductibles are through the galaxy and the cost of medicine alone is astronomically high. Oh, and when Obama said if you like your doctor you can keep him, he lied! That is why I voted for Donald Trump.
Donald Trump has a no-nonsense attitude and it’s refreshing.. He’s not a politician and I love that! I am for the laws of the USA. I am for enforcing the laws not encouraging the criminals. He wants to rid the Earth of ISIS and so do I. He is tired of the people bending the rules and so am I. No one is above the law, not even Donald Trump. Trump is not a sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, or the bigot people say he is. He wasn’t the perfect candidate, but he was the right candidate for the Republican party.
Did he say some reprehensible things that can’t be excused? Yes. Have you ever said something reprehensible? Believe it or not Trump wants to put America first and so do I. I am proud of my country. I am proud of my flag and you should be too. ?I don’t want to have to be politically correct anymore and I’m not sorry if you are offended. Why do you get to blame me for your feelings? Can’t you control them? I control mine. When someone is racist towards me I brush it off. When someone is sexist towards me I brush it off. When a liberal threatens to kill me and my family, I say nothing back. I will never understand how a liberal can call me all these things when I haven’t done any of them but they have. I often wonder maybe it’s because they are deflecting from their true feelings of themselves and other people.
We need to stop shaming and labeling someone just because they don’t understand or don’t like something. When did we become a country that had to like everything?!?! Maybe I don’t like people with green hair because I don’t like the color green. So what! Must you try to shame me and label me to make yourself feel better about your green hair? If you want your hair green it shouldn’t matter my opinion of your hair. You should be secure enough in your decisions to not need my approval. You should be secure enough not to shame me into approval. You don’t need to go into your “safe space” you will be ok. You are loved. You are accepted. You don’t need my approval or anyone else’s.
That is why I will vote for President Donald Trump in the 2020 election.