Homeless Tent Cities are COMING.

If you can’t see that the rise of the homeless population is 257% then you are not for the American people!

Hello Patriots!

I have made the public sacrifice of running for Congress in the 48th district. My name is Shastina Sandman. I’m an entrepreneur, mother, wife, and Christian. With the election of Donald J. Trump the American people have spoken, and it was the first step in battle to take our country back. The fight continues, Democrats are winning elections and we can not let them win another.

Even though our current congressman is Republican, he is not a true Republican. He voted against the tax cuts for Americans, he voted in favor of foreign workers, he says he is for legal immigration yet has taken NO ACTION. We have seen a 257% increase in our homeless population. Don’t settle. Get off the sidelines and join my campaign today!

Tent Cities are going to be popping up everywhere. We will soon need maps to avoid human waste on the streets. Are you ok with this? Is this acceptable to you? Because if it is, then go vote for my opponent.

I will not raise my children next to used needles. Will you?

We’ve already cleaned up 13,000+ used needles this year. We shouldn’t have to clean up anymore.

Is this what you want to drive by on your way to work?

How about taking your dog for a walk?

When you take your kids to the park?

I don’t want to walk by this!! I’m outraged that our current public officials think this is acceptable for us and for the homeless.

We must fight back otherwise this will Laguna Niguel.

Don’t settle for this. Get off the sidelines and join my campaign today.

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Author: Shastina Sandman

Christian, Wife, Mother of 2, Mompreneur|#fireback #MAGApreneur| IG &👻 ShastinaSandman | Loyal shopper @TheRailOnlineSt

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