Racial Slur of the 21st Century.

Those that don’t agree with trump, don’t agree with Trump because they are anti-Trump there is no other reason. We are Making America Great Again!

Much of this crying is in result to the disruption of the status quo. Trump doesn’t answer to the elites on either side he answers to the American people, and even listens to those that didn’t vote for him. He is President to all of America not just his supporters.

We destroyed the lefts plan of celebrating the first female commander in chief. Remember the polls? Laughable. She was set to win…they thought they had this in the bag. But on November 8 2016, our silence was deafening. We elected Donald Trump as President of the United States of America.

Many of us will never agree on politics but I think we are more on the same side then we realize. I think we need to try harder to understand each other. But when I say we I mean democrats, I can’t even say hello without being called a racist. Who knew hello was the racial slur of the 21st century 🤷‍♀️



  1. Good word there and the coining of a phrase or three here. Got yourself a nitch and made a business. Thats the dream! Congrads to you and family!


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