Majority Next is LIVE

Welcome to the new national political organization for conservatives and Republicans!

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Mission Statement

Majority Next is a new national conservative organization that uses its mastery of social media and the internet to mobilize volunteers, activists and donors across the nation to build our online and grassroots network, bypassing the do-nothing political elites, to advocate for the political issues and solve the real problems we Americans care about. Majority Next will be a political powerhouse organization for people with a passion to get things done!

Our first initiative is to FIRE Robert Mueller and shut down this FAKE Trump-Russia Collusion Scandal!

The FBI is corrupt just watch Newt Gingrich tell you here. It’s a sad day in America ????????????????.

The Department of Justice appointed former FBI Director Robert Mueller special counsel to head the investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government in attempt to influence the November 2016 presidential election. Great. But what’s the crime?

The appointment of a special counsel is supposed to be triggered by evidence of an actual crime-not allegations. If ANY special counsel is needed, it would be to investigate HRC, we know she has committed many crimes!!

We need to FIRE Mueller and investigate real crimes!

Watch #fireback as we annouce our soft launch of Majority Next.

Join us and sign the petition today to FIRE Mueller and let us get back to Making America Great Again!


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